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GERATI HEALTHCARE Pvt. (Ltd) designs, develops and markets INNOVATIVE & AFFORDABLE instruments and solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery as well as General Surgery. We enjoy MARKET LEADERHSIP because of our clear and deep understanding of what is required in today's most demanding and challenging surgical practices.

The company was ESTABLISHED in 2007 by a team of experienced medical professionals to fill the gap of advanced instruments for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Today we have a GLOBAL BRAND Presence thanks to our customers' total trust on our professional performance.

Our business philosophy is to ADDING VALUE BY INNOVATION.

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  • Dr Abid Jamal
    Overall I must congratulate you on a very well designed and presented product. This certainly exceeds the disposable Asian products that I have seen and is in the same league as North American products. The real challenge for you in the Third World market will be to bring it to a price with enough reuses to reduce the per-use cost. Wish you the very best.
    Dr Abid Jamal
    Advanced Surgical