GERATI LAPROWASH Pediatric 3mm Suction & Irrigation Set (Reusable)
July 7, 2017
MARYLAND Dissector, Bariatric
September 8, 2017
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POWERDRIVE Needle Holder

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Laparoscopic Needle Holder, 5mm x 33cm and 45cm


GERATI offers its wide range of Laparoscopy Needle holders in standard 5mm diameter and in two different lengths. 33cm for standard procedures and 45cm for Bariatric procedures. Custom lengths are also available.

Three jaw configurations are also offered to suit the specific requirements of laparoscopic surgeons. These are Left Curved, Right Curved and Straight jaws.

Gerati Laparoscopy needle holders have a solid handle and a comfortable grip. The tension is optimized so that there is no extra force required to close it during surgical procedures.

Gerati Laparoscopy needle holders are available with a ratcheting mechansim so that once the suture needle is grasped in the jaws, the force applied remains constant and no manual force is required to keep it grasped in this position.

Laparoscopy needle holder jaws have Tungsten carbide inserts for an extra long durability and perfect and non-slip grip.

Laparoscopy needle holders are available in satin/non glare finish.

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Non Sterile


Jaws Curved Left, Jaws Curved Right, Straight Jaws

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33cm, 45cm

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